Artist Suites – Hair & Make Up

  • For talent that deserves the best
  • Private spaces decorated by feature film set designers
  • From private dining to deal room, it’s your choice
  • “I have never had this level of luxury during production” (A-list talent)

Production Suites

  • We know production is more than just the performance
  • Fully furnished suites, from workstations to minifridges
  • Secure PIN code access
  • “I thought this room was for the talent!” (production crew member)

Production Offices

  • Centrally located adjacent to production stages.
  • Multiple configurations to accommodate productions.
  • Secure PIN code access
  • “Optimal space to keep our work and equipment secure!” (production crew member)

Food & Beverage Services

  • From craft services to 5-course meals
  • 100% Grade A commercial kitchen can feed hundreds
  • Full dedicated dining area
  • “You make it so easy to keep our crew happy” (production manager)

Facility Features

  • Over 70 facial recognition cameras augment our armed security & onsite medic
  • Hundreds of parking spaces for production to base camp & bus needs
  • Onsite showers and laundry equipment
  • “I felt so safe I just stayed over to jam with my friends” (A-list talent)
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