Artist Suites – Hair & Make Up

  • For talent that deserves the best
  • Private spaces decorated by feature film set designers
  • From private dining to deal room, it’s your choice
  • “I have never had this level of luxury during production” (A-list talent)

Production Suites

  • We know production is more than just the performance
  • Fully furnished suites, from workstations to minifridges
  • Secure PIN code access
  • “I thought this room was for the talent!” (production crew member)

Production Offices

  • Centrally located adjacent to production stages.
  • Multiple configurations to accommodate productions.
  • Secure PIN code access
  • “Optimal space to keep our work and equipment secure!” (production crew member)

Food & Beverage Services

  • From craft services to 5-course meals
  • 100% Grade A commercial kitchen can feed hundreds
  • Full dedicated dining area
  • “You make it so easy to keep our crew happy” (production manager)

Facility Features

  • Over 70 facial recognition cameras augment our armed security & onsite medic
  • Hundreds of parking spaces for production to base camp & bus needs
  • Onsite showers and laundry equipment
  • “I felt so safe I just stayed over to jam with my friends” (A-list talent)

Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Our on-lot maintenance and janitorial staff strives to provide very clean, well-maintained facilities. And, as you’ll see as you walk around, we are constantly investing in improvement throughout our lots.


We’re committed to providing extensive, updated parking structures, featuring reserved and personalized parking options to fit all of your staff and visitor needs. We also offer VIP and valet parking for ultimate convenience.

Lighting, Grip and Expendables

WWS is the exclusive provider of all lighting, grip and expendables equipment for any and all types of production. All equipment is inspected, maintained and promptly delivered.

Dining & Catering

Our conveniently located on-lot food service options provide a place to relax, connect or refuel.

Mill Space

We know that you have a top crew to build your sets; so we offer the perfect space to fuel their creativity and talent.

Production Vehicle Parking

We provide plenty of options for your production trucks, cast trailers, honey wagons, and other production vehicles to settle in for base camp.

Technical Support

Our on-site staff, IT/Telecom specialists are certified and ready to go to work for you creating connectivity in every office. We use fiber-optic and ‟Symmetric Speed” internet to help boost our upload and download times with multiple private networks available to every client. Data, voice, or bandwidth needs? No problem.

Support Space Rental

Whether it’s a table read, crew feed, or just a meeting that you need to accommodate, our lots offer several spaces for our stage and office clients to rent daily with IT and AV services at request.


We utilize the industry’s top-ranked security firm to assure ultimate privacy in a safe and professional environment. In addition to regular state licensing and certifications in CPR/First Aid/AED, our officers are specially trained to work in active, complex, and sensitive creative environments.

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