Set Locations

At Worldwide Stages, we have the capability to transform your dream into a reality (and save you thousands in set decoration from use of our pre-staged sets)!

Boiler Room

Step onto the set of the Boiler Room, a captivating backdrop steeped in industrial allure. This expansive space exudes an atmosphere of gritty authenticity. Weathered pipes line the ceiling. Amidst the clutter of metal crates and forgotten tools, characters come to life, each with their own agenda and secrets to keep. Welcome to the Boiler Room, where drama and intrigue unfold against a backdrop of industrial mystique.

Data center

Step into an authentic 1990’s Data Center. Once a bustling hub of technological innovation that powered a Fortune 100 company, now set as an “apocalyptic wasteland” frozen in time. Rows of dusty servers stand like silent sentinels amidst the eerie stillness, their lights long extinguished. The air hangs heavy with the scent of old tape drives, cathode ray tube monitors and DOS keyboards. Cables snake across and under the raised floor in tangled masses. Here, in this forgotten labyrinth of obsolescence, the ghosts from the dawn of the digital age linger. Welcome to the 1990’s Data Center set, where echoes of the past add a whole new level of creepiness to your production.


Step into the Commercial Kitchen, a realm where culinary magic meets mechanical precision. The air crackles with the sizzle of frying pans and the clatter of utensils against stainless steel. Rows of gleaming appliances stand at attention, their polished surfaces reflecting the light. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the commercial kitchen is a stage where culinary dreams are brought to life.


Enter the bustling artery of the airport concourse: Stretching into the distance, it’s a symphony of movement and anticipation. Passengers hurry along, dragging their luggage behind them, while the echo of announcements reverberates off the polished floors. The walls, adorned with sleek advertisements and departure screens, guide travelers towards their gates like modern-day compasses. Airplanes visible in the background through the rows of crystal clear glass windows. In this transient space, emotions swirl like the currents of a river, carrying passengers on their journey to destinations unknown. Welcome to the pulse of the airport: The concourse.


Step into the chilling silence of the walk-in cooler, transformed into a haunting morgue for your film set. As you enter, a shiver runs down your spine, not just from the cold, but from the eerie atmosphere that pervades the space. Stainless steel tables stand as silent witnesses to the solemnity of the room, draped with white sheets that conceal the secrets they hold.


A testament to the “Lunch Room Lady” and “sloppy joes”, our cafeteria set is a checkerboard tile and stainless-steel tribute to every high school and corporate lunchroom from the last few decades of the 20th century. Are you going to add the echoes of laugher and chatter that once filled the cafeteria set, or mute them to distant whispers lost to the passage of time? Darkened and creepy or fluorescent lighted and filled with cast in period wardrobe? The choice is yours!

Office Space

Step into the nostalgia of a 1990s office space, where rows of cubicles stretch as far as the eye can see. Fluorescent lights buzz overhead, casting a harsh glow. Welcome to the 1990s office space, where the daily grind unfolds amidst the monotony of cubicle life.


Beyond the unassuming entrance lies a hidden sanctuary, illuminated by the soft glow of dimly lit lamps. Plush leather armchairs and velvet curtains evoke a sense of opulence. In the corner, a secret door leads to a clandestine poker room, where high-stakes games unfold under the watchful gaze of shady characters. Here, amidst the shuffle of cards, secrets are traded like currency and fortunes are won and lost in the blink of an eye. Welcome to the Speakeasy, where danger and decadence collide in a world shrouded in mystery.

Record Room

Welcome to the Record Room, a space where the past is meticulously preserved in rows of towering shelves. Fluorescent lights hum overhead, casting a sterile glow over the sea of metal cabinets and neatly labeled boxes. In this quiet sanctuary of organization, the secrets of the past are waiting to be unearthed, each file holding a story of its own. The Record Room, where history awaits behind every folder.

Buildout Rooms

Welcome to your canvas: blank 1200 square foot rooms, waiting to be transformed into the film sets of your dreams. These empty spaces are a blank slate, offering endless possibilities for creativity and imagination. With its clean white walls and polished concrete floors, it provides the perfect backdrop for your vision to come to life. Imagine the possibilities: a cozy living room set, a futuristic spaceship interior, nursing station, or even a jailhouse! The choice is yours. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on the journey of bringing your story to life in any of these versatile and spacious rooms. Welcome to your blank canvas, where the only limit is your imagination.

Hair & Makeup

Welcome to the Hair and Makeup Rooms at Worldwide Stages, where every detail is designed to elevate your on-screen look to perfection. Step into these spacious and well-appointed sanctuaries, where soft lighting and comfortable seating create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. Mirrors lined with bright bulbs provide the ideal setting for makeup artists to work their magic, ensuring flawless application every time. 


Though cozy in size, the Theater at Worldwide Stages offers an intimate setting ideal for film production. With its modest stage and seating capacity of 70, this space lends itself perfectly to capturing scenes requiring a more intimate ambiance. The limited seating creates an authentic atmosphere, fostering a sense of closeness between actors and audience that can enhance the emotional depth of on-screen performances. Additionally, the smaller scale of the theater allows for more controlled lighting and sound environments, ensuring optimal conditions for filming. Whether it’s for a character-driven drama or an intimate concert scene, the Theater at Worldwide Stages provides a versatile backdrop for bringing cinematic stories to life.

Massage Room

Step into the tranquil oasis of the Massage Room, where soft lighting and soothing music envelop you in relaxation from the moment you enter. A plush massage table beckons, draped in crisp linens and awaiting rejuvenation. The ambiance is one of serenity and comfort. The perfect film ready set.

Control Booth

From adjusting lighting and sound levels to coordinating special effects and camera movements, every decision made in the Master Control Booth plays a crucial role in shaping the final product. Welcome to the beating heart of the film set, where creativity and technology converge to create movie magic at Worldwide Stages.

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