The Onyx Gallery

An iconic, elegant expanse with three story floor-to-ceiling windows, tastefully decorated by feature film set designers, the gallery welcomes Worldwide Stages guests into the luxury A-list artists and production companies expect and deserve. Let Worldwide Stages transport you from the industrial warehouses and “big rooms” to 5-star, concierge service within the most versatile & luxurious production facilities available. Designed originally for exclusive industry events, the Onyx is so inviting it has been used for B-roll, behind-the-scene, and interview footage and is a natural complement to the premier creative campus for the world’s entertainment industry. “Wow!  This is not what I was expecting!” (international touring manager)

  • An iconic & elegant meeting & gathering expanse with 3-story floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Tastefully furnished for corporate events to behind-the-scenes interviews
  • A natural complement to the premier production campus for the world’s entertainment industry


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