Stage 9

Stage 9 right-sizes a self-contained soundstage, production suites, VIP/A-list green rooms, craft services area, and the convenience of direct load-in/load-out (with immediately adjacent secured & covered parking). Attractive for special production needs, Stage 9 has been used for pyrotechnic effects, multi-set build for TV broadcast series, concert prep & audience prep/security for live concerts, and convenient “mill shop” for set builds for larger clients producing in Stage 8. With integrated floor drain, Stage 9 is the only soundstage in the mid-south-central region designed to accommodate rain/water production effects. Recent quote from Stage 9 client: “Once you produce at Worldwide Stages, you will never go anywhere else.”

  • Right-sized for every production need
  • Full complement of concierge services, green rooms, & production offices
  • Integrated floor-drain for water effects & pyro tested


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